1910 United States Federal Census



State: New York
County: New York
Township: New York City, Manhattan Borough
Name: Ferdinand Bankras
(Relationship of this person to the head of the family: Boarder
Gender : M
Color of pers.: W
Age or date of birthday: 34
Whether single, married, widowed or divorced: S
Place of birth: Aust Bohemian
Place of birth of Father: Aust Bohemian
Place of birth of Mother: Aust Bohemian
???: 1903
???: Al
???: English
Occupation: Binder, Book bo.
Education, whether able to read: yea
Education, whether able to write: yea

Image Source: Year: 1910; Census Place: New York City, New York; Roll: ??; Family History Film: ??; Page: ??; Enumeration District: ??; Image: ????.

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