20080720_baptism.jpgThe city archive of Amsterdam is working on making 32 kilometers of archive digitally available to the public. Searching the database resulted in various documents of interest: some already digitally available, others have been requested to be scanned with priority. A new group of pages with scans of baptism registers has already been added to the site and more additions can be expected.


20050924_genography.jpg“Your Y chromosome results identify you as a member of haplogroup I, a lineage defined by a genetic marker called M170. This haplogroup is the final destination of a genetic journey that began some 60,000 years ago with an ancient Y chromosome marker called M168. The very widely dispersed M168 marker can be traced so a single individual – Eurasian Adam. This African man, who lived some 31,000 to 79,000 years ago, is the common ancestor of every non-African person living today.” More results from The Genographic Project will (soon) be placed on the Genography page.